Digital printing provides flexibility for shorter print runs and market tests because it can combine multiple variables per run while producing a high-quality print that is not limited by the number of colours. In this method of printing, the artwork is sent electronically from a computer directly to the digital printer which sprays ink directly onto the stock.

Being the first company in Australia to partner with Epson and their digital Surepress, Rotoprint is in the unique position to enable companies to trial the market with short run labels. Once the market has been established, labels can be moved onto the flexographic press to achieve long run economies, without compromising on colour or quality.


Flexographic printing is ideal for large print runs where each variable is printed on a single run – producing a high-quality print within a restricted number of colours. In this method of printing, a flexible plate is created for each colour used in the artwork, where ink is layered on top of the plate, transferring a unique imprint for each colour onto the stock.

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